Tofino Guides

Tofino is your west coast destination for winter storm watching, fly there with Orca Airways. Amidst the rugged, wave torn coast line of Vancouver Island British Columbia lies a rainforest paradise Tofino. Its pristine remote location make Tofino a relaxing place to enjoy natures wonderland. In Tofino you find a year-round destination with sandy beaches and old growth forests, world class luxury and ocean adventure.

You will fly into the Tofino Airport that is just minutes away from the town of Tofino and many Resort and Hotel accommodations to choose from.

Winter Storm Watching

Storm watching is a wondrous West Coast spectacle, at its best during the fall and winter months. Starting in October, a vast, persistent low-pressure system establishes itself in the Gulf of Alaska and begins to deepen. The turbulent frontal zone between arctic and subtropical air masses shifts southward and the Island finds itself in the path of the storm track. All through November, December, January and February, gale after gale slams into these exposed western shores.

Whale Watching

View the magnificent Gray Whales as they make their annual migration from Baja Mexico, Past California and the Oregon coast on their way to Alaska in the Spring, or join us for the rest of the season as we watch our 'Resident' Gray Whales as they feed in Barkley Sound and Clayoquot Sound. In addition to the large population of Gray whales that make their home in these waters, we often see Humpback, Orca (Killer) and Minke whales.

Sport Fishing

Experience some of the best fishing on the entire west coast. There are many experienced guides to choose from. With many different fisheries in the area you get the most consistent and reliable fishing on the coast throughout the year. Come to Tofino and Ucluelet for year round sport fishing.